Novice Guide

Time: 2020-02-10 18:24


  1. Dungeons

Dungeons include Pets Instances, Gear Instances, Sets Instances, Gems Instance, Gold Instances and Mounts Instances. Raiding the instances can not only obtain rewards, but also improve heroes’ stats by using the rewards.


  1. Field Bosses (include Level BOSS, World BOSS and Timed BOSS)

Level BOSS: Defeat Level BOSS for chances to drop Orange Defense Gear and Orange Shards. Level BOSS will refresh when CD time is over (6 hours). When player reach certain levels, the BOSS that current level can challenge will be activated.

World BOSS: All players of this server can join in World BOSS. You can challenge BOSS level which are 10 levels above or below (only whole number). Challenge each BOSS 5 times/day, and BOSS will CD before refreshing. The CD time for each BOSS is 2 minutes.

Timed BOSS: Players of this sever can join in Timed BOSS. After the BOSS refreshes, player have 30 minutes to kill it. BOSS refreshes for 24 hours.


  1. Gear

Enhance: To increase BP, player can upgrade Gears’ level by using Gold and Enhancing Stones.

Star Up: Star Up can increase the bonus stats of gears.

Change: Player can choose sets or parts for heroes via changing Gears.

Enchant: Reach Lv60 to activate Enchantment. Enchanting Scrolls include 3 types: Weapon, Armor and Accessory. Each type has 3 qualities: Pri, Med, and Adv. Higher quality means higher Max stats.

Refine: Reach Lv100 to activate Refine. It requires Refining Stones. More refining times means higher stats and BP. This also consumes more Refining Stones.


  1. Hero

Lv30 or VIP 2 activates the 2nd Hero

Lv50 or VIP 3 activates the 3rd Hero

Lv70 or VIP5 activates the 4th Hero

Lv90 or VIP7 activates the 5th Hero

A1 or VIP9 activates the 6th Hero

Different heroes have diverse passive talents and skills. Upgrading a hero’s skill can increase the DMG of the skill. Setting the hero as the Captain can activate its captain skill.


  1. Bag

Smelt: You can use Enhancing stones and Gold obtained via smelting Gears to enhance Gears. Smelting Orange Accessory will obtain the same amount of Glories as exchange required. Smelting Other Orange Gear will obtain the same amount of Orange Shards as exchange required.

Gem: Gems or Gem Shards in the bag can be synthesized into Gems.


  1. Arena

Reach Lv30 to activate Arena. Player can challenge Arena 10 times per day for free. VIP3 can purchase more chances. You obtain 60 Glories and increase in ranks in the Arena if you challenge other player successfully. If you fail, you lose 12 Glories and ranks do not change. Player can use Glories to exchange Gears or Perfect Gems in the Glory Shop.


  1. Pets & Mounts

Player can use Pet Orb to upgrade Pets and increase Stats. The Pets can be upgraded to the same level with the hero. Player can use Pets Skill Book to upgrade Pets’ Skill. Each Pet’s Battle Stats will be added to all heroes in the formation. Player can only select one pet to join formation.

Source of Mounts: Mounts Instances, Guild Vaults and Giftpack.


  1. Encounter

Join Encounter to challenge and defeat at most 15 enemies per day. You can get 60 Glories if you successfully challenge and defeat an enemy. Encounters List will refresh once every 60 minutes with 5 enemies.


  1. Daily Quests

Player can finish the tasks in the Daily Quests to obtain Activity points When the Activity points reach requirements, player can claim different Activity rewards.


  1. Guild

Higher level means more Guild members. Guild Contrib. are used in the Guild Vault drawings. When Guild member leave Guild, all Contrib. will be cleared. Each time activating Guild BOSS will consume Guild Funds. Defeating Guild BOSS will obtain abundant rewards. The functions of each building will be activated according to Guild level. Leader must transfer the Leader position to other Guild members before leaving the Guild. Player who leave the Guild or kicked out will not be able to join new Guild within 12 hours.

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