Update Contents on 19th Mar.

Time: 2020-03-19 14:13

**Update Contents: **
1. Added Friend System
1.1 The friend system unlocks at level 50
1.2 You can add friends by typing his/her Game ID (you can find his/her game id by tapping his name on chatting board)
1.3 Friends can chat privately with each other
1.4 Added Charm Rank, the points will be added by receiving gifts from your friends. And the points will be reduced by receiving trick items from others.
1.5 Added Angel Rank, the points will be ranked by sending gifts.
1.6 Added Demon Rank, the points will be ranked by sending trick items.

2. Added Element&Acc Gameplay (Elements euqals pearls in game)
2.1 Use Accessory Shards (get it at Angel Rank) to activate/upgrade, and unlock embed function
2.2 Use Accessory Cores (get it at Demon Rank) to advance
2.3 You can embed pearls into the Accessory to add attributes
2.4 You have a chance to synthesize a higher-level pearl by using 4 pearls of the same level on synthesize menu (ONLY KEEP THE FIRST ONE PEARL IF FAILED, use protect stone to keep all if failed, you can get protect stone at Charm Rank)

3. Added Red Heart as new reward in Daily Top-up

4. Mar. Party
Event Time: 20th Mar. to 26th Mar.
Event Content:
*Login Rewards
*Total Top-up Rewards
*Magic Cards
*Timed Giftpack

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