How Skypiea Works

Time: 2021-01-06 11:52

How Skypiea Works:

1. To activate Skypiea Dials, you need 2 necessary things: Ruins Points and Skypial Mod.

2. How to get Ruins Points: 
2.1 - Using Jewels to Enhance your alliance's Palladium (Sennenryu and Giant Python).
2.2 - How to get Jewels: Joining Artifact War, or by opening Jewel Boxes. 

3. How to get Skypiea Mod:
3.1 - Joining Artifact War, your alliance will get Blueprints. 
3.2 - In Hall of Wisdom, all your alliance member can Study the Blueprints.
3.3 - After Studying, your alliance will get the Skypiea Mods. 

4. Exchange and Activate: Exchange Dials in Hall of Wisdom, it will be yours, then you can activate them.

Important: The Blueprints and Skypiea Mod in Hall of Wisdom are shared with all alliance members, you MUST EXCHANGE it, then it will be yours and your Skypiea Dials can be activated.

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