Server Maintenance on May 27

Time: 2021-05-27 10:06


We will perform maintenance at 3 AM on May 27 (Game time, GMT-4). It is supposed to last about 60 mins but may delay for unexpected issues. And the new server will be released after the maintenance, please be aware!

Update Contents:
1. Server Merging (Alliance): Can recruit members from certain servers when alliance reached Level 11. For example, Alliance in S41 can recruit members in S421, but can't recruit members in S81.
Merge Details: 
*【S41 to S80】merged with【S421 to S440】
*【S81 to S120】merged with【S261 to S280】【S281 to S300】【S381 to S400】
*【S121 to s160】merged with【S221 to S240】【S361 to S380】
*【S161 to S200】merged with【S241 to S260】【S321 to S340】【S341 to S360】
*【S201 to S220】merged with【S301 to S320】【S401 to S420】
P.S.: Players after S441 can join all Alliance (level 11 or upper) in previous servers.  
2. Fixed the encounter bug in Alliance Quests.
3. New Events: Cake Island, 5/28 to 6/3

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